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Love Yourself

Whether you are struggling with conflict in your relationship, need help healing from past wounds or are looking to improve your relationship with yourself, I am here to help. Through my work, I have discovered that many of our relationship issues stem from unresolved past life experiences. By identifying and healing these experiences, we can create a healthier and more loving present. 


Hearing my clients' stories and guiding them towards healing and growth is truly my passion and purpose. I specialise in helping women who struggle with challenging relationships, inner conflict, self-worth issues, and emotional trauma which in many cases stems from a past life occurrence. You will leave your session feeling healed, heard, supported, and empowered to make positive changes in your life.


My unique approach will help you better understand yourself and your situation. Through my healing techniques which are many and varied, we can work together to release your negative emotions and break free from negative cycles.


My intuitive insights can give you the clarity you need to make informed decisions, and my relationship guidance can help you repair and strengthen bonds with loved ones or help you heal from relationships that have ended. 

My sessions are conducted either by phone or Zoom and last 55 minutes.


Let's embark on this journey together.

What my Clients say

I can't say enough good things about Jules. Her guidance has been instrumental in helping me overcome obstacles and chart a course forward.


She has a kind and understanding approach that is coupled with incredibly accurate and insightful advice. I am forever grateful for her help.

Alexa Young, CA

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