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Be kind to yourself

Hi I'm Jules

I'd love to share how I can help you along your own personal journey. 

Life will always present us with twists and turns, ups and downs, but it isn't so much what comes into our life that matters but more importantly, how we handle the situations that come our way. 

We all have moments in life where we feel stuck and directionless, and it can sometimes feel like a lonely road. Not everyone has a support system they can rely on and go to for insights and help. 

After walking my journey with very little support, and when I did get it they always had some form of personal gain for the support I was given, I realised my purpose was to guide and help women how I would have liked to be helped. To be a healing place where they feel honoured, validated and supported with no judgement and in a safe environment where they can allow their true feelings to find a voice. 

I've worked for over 25 years here in the UK and abroad intuitively supporting, nurturing and helping women heal their emotions through intuitive guidance and energy healing. 

The most important relationship any of us have which needs

nurturing and healing is the relationship we have with ourselves

Energy Healing
Chakra Reading
Psychic Guidance
Jules has an amazing gift for deeply understanding and compassionately guiding me towards inner insights and healing. Her intuition and wisdom are truly remarkable, and I always leave a session feeling lighter and more at ease.

Lauren Fraiser, Adelaide

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