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Discover the Path to Healthy, Loving Relationships

Welcome to my Relationship Page. 

Everyone we have an interaction with, especially on a regular basis is in a relationship with us in some way. Whether it's an overbearing boss, a challenging co-worker, a badly behaved friend or a controlling partner. They can at times bring chaos, upset, challenges or conflict into our lives.

Many times these relationships come to show us parts of ourselves we need to heal, they are like the universe holding up a mirror to show us what we need to look at and heal within ourselves. Such as having a parent who is never satisfied with anything you do, who criticises you or your choices, this could make you feel as though you're not good enough and over time can begin to affect your self-confidence and self-esteem. Or you may have a controlling or overbearing partner, friend or boss, this is to show you where you need to be more assertive, stand your ground and create healthier boundaries.

By shining a light into your life experiences, you can start to understand where these patterns started and begin to heal that part of you that lets other people's opinions and behaviours become part of your story. 


My Relationship Readings offer you clarity, coupled with angelic guidance and healing to help you attract balanced, healthy, and loving relationships into your life. You will also be guided in the best way to deal with the more difficult relationships you have so they no longer become a cause for concern, conflict or drama. 

How my readings work


I offer 15, 30 and 55 minute readings depending on what you would like to gain from it. If you are wanting a quick answer to your question then a 15 minute reading would be best. These are carried out either by email or through WhatsApp message depending on your preference. 

This is a 3 card reading which covers the obstacle, the challenge it presents and the strongest future potential for the relationship

A 30 minute reading goes into more depth 

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15 Minute Reading

Email or Whatsapp


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30 Minute Reading

Phone or Zoom


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60 Minute Reading

Phone or Zoom


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