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Energy healing is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, it's like taking an energetic shower. As we cleanse our bodies daily we also should be cleansing our energy daily.  your energy is how others relate to you and it enters the room before you do, as your energy field surrounds your body and spans out around 3 to 4 feet all around you, sometimes further.

If your energy is positive, clear and vibing high, people respond to you in a clear and positive way, you will also magnetise to yourself positive life situations as the universe always mirrors back to you what your energetic vibration is sending out into the world. 

During a session, your energy field is filled with high vibrational diamond light to clear out any negativity you have absorbed from others or your mental and emotional reactions to life situations. 

Any etheric cords that have been created between you and others that are not in alignment with your highest good are also dissolved and your aura is repaired of any holes or tears, so balance is restored. 

Depending on your personal situation I will use various healing techniques from

  • ThetaDNA Healing

  • Emotional Freedom technique

  • Astral Body Rebalancing

  • Chakra Alignment

  • Etheric Organ Clearing

  • Past Life emotional traumas removed


I draw upon a variety of experiences with over 25 years of practice in many healing modalities, which I incorporate in my healing sessions including Reiki, Theta Healing, Clairvoyant Past Life and Inner Child Healing and many more which are tailored to your personal needs. 




I don't diagnose medical conditions or offer advice on treatments as I am not a physician or medical practitioner.  What I can do is work with you alongside your Dr or Healthcare Practitioner to help alleviate your symptoms from a spiritual and energetic level. 

It is well documented that energy healing works well with emotional issues along with reducing stress and anxiety and will support you alongside other therapies to bring your mind and body into a natural rhythm and balance.

Energy Healing isn't a magic wand but rather helps you to find balance and empower you to heal yourself.

Hello, I'm here to guide you on your journey. Whether you have questions about my services or just want to say hello, feel free to contact me anytime.

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