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Jules Story

"Life is a series of experiences orchestrated by the Soul to help us grow and evolve into a more grander version of our self and as we look within to our own beauty - beauty looks back at us, reflecting our uniqueness into the world. "

Ever since I can remember I've always felt a heart connection to people who are going through challenges or were not sure what direction to take in life.  I noticed that friends would come to me for my opinion on their most difficult life situations and most of the time that would be around their relationships. 


Somehow I just knew what to say to them which would lift their spirits and give them hope and a new way of looking at their situations. I didn't realise that the guidance wasn't coming from me but rather it was coming through me from my guides, inspirers and helpers. 


Since 2005 I've worked with intuitive, sensitive and empathic women guiding, uplifting and inspiring them towards making positive life choices that bring them closer into alignment with their true self, where they can choose to heal their current relationships and create loving and healthy ones easily or release them without feeling guilty or blaming themselves for staying around friends, family and partners who don't treat them with the respect and value they deserve.  


I'm passionate about helping, healing and guiding heart-centred women to nurture themselves and live their lives in harmony, love and joy so they can shine that out into the world and help others do the same. 




Intuitive, Sensitive and Empathic women always tend to give more, feel more and nurture others more but don't seem to attract people into their lives that return these qualities back to them. In fact, in my experience, I'd say the total opposite is true. My purpose is to help them to become more self-nurturing, lovingly assertive and teach them energy techniques to keep their boundaries and aura strong so they can attract into their lives people who honour, respect and value their amazing qualities and big hearts. 


This is where my passion and soul calling began, I knew I was here to help others through their own emotional challenges as so many are living and viewing themselves not as they really are but as others want them to be. By stepping onto the path of inner discovery your life changes in amazing ways. A new sense of worthiness & love starts to become your companion and life takes on a wonderful air of harmony & peace, but the work to achieve this has to start with you by making the decision to be your happiest self and letting go of what other people think you should be.  


I have gained a deep inner wisdom through my own journey & use this to support others to overcome their own belief patterns that hold them hostage to others opinions & nurture them on their own journey back to their true self. 


If you are ready to change and heal so you no longer feel trapped and restricted by what life throws your way, I would love to share my gifts with you and help you on your journey back to self-love and acceptance


My other passion belongs to the animal kingdom, animals give out such unconditional love, but can also become deeply wounded emotionally, mentally and physically when treat with cruelty and disrespect. Only they don't have a voice to express their pain or their joy as we do, and my heart aches when I see them neglected or suffering anyway. Even our own fur babies can have issues that are need of healing and love, this became very apparent to me with own dog who ended up with cancer, my cat that died of Alzheimer's and my current fur baby who is so sensitive he's scared of the hoover and loud noises and really hasn't moved past the mental age of 2 even though he's actually 7 lol


What I noticed with all the animals I've had is that I have the ability to communicate with them telepathically so I've helped them all in different ways to heal or pass back to their spirit world in a positive way. I love helping dogs especially heal their trauma's, cat's do tend to think they are better healers than we are and I'm sure this goes way back to Egyptian times when they were revered as Gods. Although my own cat when I'm doing a healing session sits with me, so in his own way he gets the healing, but only if he chooses too. 


Most of my adult life all the animals I've loved and cared for have needed healing in some way or another and even the wild animals find their way to my garden for either healing or to be helped to pass back to spirit. I've had doves, rabbits, cats, squirrels all seek me out for help and even when I go in the garden to feed them they sit only feet away waiting for the food and if I forget they remind me through telepathic communication. 


Since then I've helped a wide variety of animals recover from illness, physical ailments and behavioural issues and feel blessed and honoured to be able to do this work as those of you who look after and love your animals know they are more than just animals, they are our family 


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As a natural born intuitive I am able to connect energetically with the core issues of others highlighting the way to a happier, healthier and more joy-filled way of living. 

I help people rise above disempowerment & negativity into balance, joy & connection with their true self, releasing life times of blocks and helping them view themselves from a place of respect, value and worth.


I study and teach spiritual concepts since 2005 through my healing and guidance work

Became a Reiki Master in 2006 then went on to become a Reiki Ascension Master in 2008

Studied Akashic Readings, Healings and Clearings for Past LIves and attained my Diploma in 2010

Gained my Diploma in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy, NLP & Stress Management in 2012

Became a ThetaDNA Practioner under Vianna Stibal in 2013

Studied Soul Journey's with Neale Donald Walsch in 2015

Studied Silvia Hartman's Energy EFT and became a Practitioner in 2016

Became a Chakra Wisdom Reader under Deborah King in 2017

Attuned to Metatronia Light Therapy     Practitioner Level by Tammy L. Majchrzak in 2018

I offer Chakra/Aura Healings and Energy Guidance including Energy EFT to easily heal and remove blocks since 2009, Spiritual and Relationship Readings and Mentoring since 2014 along with Personal Soul Readings (Channelled) for personal and spiritual growth including bespoke healing meditations since 2015. 








Jules Ward

I work on multiple dimensions to assist my clients. I consider myself an Intuitive Guide and Energy Mentor. My primary focus is on helping those who have had recurring relationship and family challenges. I help them heal their soul connections and family karmic patterns so that they can live a life free of conflict and drama. My approach encourages clients to envision the life they desire and become the creators of their realities. The journey towards this goal requires deep reflection and self-analysis. Clients must identify self-imposed limitations that hinder their progress and focus on positive qualities to help them achieve their dreams. Often, clients only see the traits that belong to their shadow self, such as lack of confidence, feelings of inadequacy, regret, guilt, anger, low self-worth, and more. However, it is equally crucial to recognize achievements and positive traits, such as kindness, compassion, empathy, courage, strength, and the ability to overcome adversity.

My gifts, knowledge and personal experiences in life have benefited my diverse client base over the years. My intuitive insights and understanding of the Soul assist people in clearing karmic soul patterns and traumas. My energy mentoring sessions help those who are ready to live from their true self, heal their past and gain clarity to step into a life where they thrive not just survive.

I have studied many healing modalities over the decades I have been helping others, including:-

  • Soul Journeying, Neale D Walsch

  • ​Theta DNA, Vianna Stibal

  • Usui Ryoho Shiki Reiki Levels I, II and Master/Teacher

  • Chakra Wisdom Healing, Deborah King

  • Hypnotherapy, NLP and Stress Management with Carole Wan

  • Intuitive Relationship Counselling, KEW Acadamy

  • Emotional Freedom Technique, Carole Wan

  • Shamanism, BJ Shadowhawk

Jules Ward

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Sheffield, Yorkshire, England 

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Chakra Wisdom Certificate
Relationship Counselling
Certified Advanced Energy Healer
Counselling Diploma
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